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Sir Bors
Sir Bors, Knight of the Round Table,
depicted in stained glass.

Sir Bors
Bors chooses to save a maiden
rather than his brother Lionel.

Sir Bors

Bors is always portrayed as one of the Round Table's finest knights, but his real glory comes on the Grail Quest, where he proves himself worthy enough to witness the Grail's mysteries alongside Lancelot, Galahad and Percival.

Several episodes display his virtuous character. In one, a lady approaches Bors vowing to commit suicide unless he sleeps with her. He refuses to break his vow of celibacy so the lady and her maidens threaten to throw themselves off the castle battlements. As the ladies jump off, they reveal themselves to be demons set on deceiving him by playing to his sense of compassion.

In another, Bors faces a dilemma where he must choose between rescuing his brother Lionel, being whipped with thorns by villains in one direction and saving a young girl who has been abducted by a rogue knight in the other. Bors chooses to help the maiden, but prays for his brother's safety. Lionel escapes his tormentors and tries to murder Bors and Bors does not defend himself, refusing to raise a weapon against his kinsman. Fellow Knight of the Round Table, Sir Calogrenant, and a religious hermit try to intervene, but Lionel slays them both. Before he can kill his brother, however, God strikes him down with an immobilizing column of fire.

Bors, Galahad and Percival go on to achieve the Holy Grail and accompany it to Sarras, a mystical island in the Middle East. Both Galahad and Percival pass away while there and Bors is the only one to return.

In Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, Sir Bors agrees to fight as Guinevere's champion when she is accused of poisoning a knight. Bors is reluctant, as her first choice, Lancelot, left Camelot because of Guinevere. He relents when Arthur sees Guinevere kneeling before him. He is about to joust for her sake when Lancelot arrives to take his place.

Like the rest of his family, Bors joins Lancelot in exile after his affair with Guinevere is exposed and helps rescue the Queen from her execution at the stake. He becomes one of Lancelot's most trusted advisors in the ensuing war between Lancelot and Arthur and becomes the ruler of King Claudas' former lands, a fictional Frankish kingdom. When Arthur and Gawain must return to Britain to fight the usurper Mordred, Gawain sends a letter to Lancelot asking for aid. Lancelot's men arrive to put down the remainder of the rebellion led by Mordred's sons Melehan and Melou. Bors’ brother Lionel is killed by Melehan and Bors avenges his death.

After Lancelot’s death he went with Sirs Ector, Blamore and Bleoberis to fight on Crusade in the Holy Land, where he was killed.
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