The Treasure Of Camelot.

Since the launch of the Treasure Of Camelot, the game has been besieged by people determined to cheat the system. An enormous amount of time has been spent every week implementing new security systems and monitoring activity on the site. However, the hackers and cheats have persisted. Various pages of the book which should only be viewed after unlocking puzzles were being accessed, giving these people a distinct unfair advantage over others.

The forum was setup to provide a platform for people to discuss ideas and the puzzles. This, again, was besieged by spammers and very quickly became difficult to monitor. A few of the forum members kindly offered to act as moderators and they shared our frustrations. Several times, the forum actually fell over due to the sheer volume of spam attacks. The exact same thing has happened with the email server whereas thousands of spam emails per hour are targeting the website.

More recently, a series of vicious cyber attacks have been targeting the server, the game code and the databases, despite all of the server security measures in place. The last attempt on the server resulted in a complete server shutdown and complete corruption of the main databases.

It is such a shame that, after many, many years of work putting the Treasure Of Camelot puzzle together, it has been completely ruined by a handful of people determined to cheat and spoil it for everyone else. It is with great sadness we announce that the Treasure Of Camelot will be offline for the foreseeable future due to the fact that it has been severely compromised beyond repair.